Hello, I'm Emily!

The Millennial Relationship Expert....and I'm here to blow your mind with a totally refreshing, epically empowering, awesome you loving, revolutionary approach to finding love.


I know EXACTLY what it's like to be an awesome, successful, amazing Millennial woman...who also has a big, misery inducing, gaping hole in her life where THE relationship is supposed to be.

I also know EXACTLY how to turn it around.  

I know this because I spent 18 years (yes, HALF my life!) being either embarrassingly single or in relationships that I knew to my absolute core were way below what I deserved.

It got to a stage where life forced me to COMPLETELY change the way I was approaching my life and relationships and...


...only weeks later I meet my awesome now husband. 


Let's be real...

Conventional relationship and dating advice is crap.

It didn't work for me and I know it's not working for you either. Face it, you wouldn't be reading this if it was! 

It's all about trying to change who you fundamentally are, playing games with ridiculous rules and taking action that you know won't work all so you get more crappy relationships, waste more of your time dating losers, remain single for longer AND you get to feel like absolute s!@# about yourself too. 

Stop doing this to yourself. RIGHT NOW. 

There is another way...

Apart from the EPIC fact that what I teach ACTUALLY works (I know it's hard to believe, but yes, if you do what I say, your happily ever after, no joke, for real WILL happen), my refreshingly unique approach will have you feeling completely renewed, empowered, confident and most of all, you'll be crystal clear on what you need to do to ACTUALLY create the relationship of your dreams. 

Mind blowingly amazing, isn't it?

Get the relationship of your dreams by being YOU, not playing stupid games, following annoying rules, feeling all confused, frustrated and disappointed and down on yourself. 

Revolutionary, I know!

That's why I'm The Millennial Relationship Expert :)

Emily xx 


Let's get started...

You've wasted enough time doing all the things that clearly don't help you get any closer to love. Choose where you want to get started below and let's get you FINALLY take the only steps that matter when it comes to finding love...


If you want to take your love life from frustrating to actually and joyfully finding the relationship of your dreams, then it’s time to get real about about what’s happening inside you....

Learn all about my revolutionary approach to dating and relationships with my 5 Unconventional Strategies To Overhaul Your Love Life!

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Got the message that self-love is CRAZY important? Awesome. Because this group is ALL about how to get self-love happening in your life so that your love life (and life in general) becomes EVERYTHING you want it to be. Join in the conversation and learn a ton from an EPIC group of awesome women going through what you are. 



It's the little steps that you take consistently that matter and doing something everyday to make yourself feel more loved IS life changing. When you approach life feeling loved, supported and happy, you become the magnetic, empowered, lit up, sparkly, most awesome version of you that can't not attract her desires...you know, like the relationship of your dreams!

Isn't it time to try something new?


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